Nylon Quilt barrier exterior product is used to contain noise and reduce sound penetration at construction sites or in heavy machinery use areas. Nylon Quilt barrier is made using vinyl coated Nylon cloth covering three inches of special fiberglass insulation all attached to a scrim fabric backing and Mass Loaded Vinyl. Nylon Quilt barrier has high tensile and tear strength and is easy to install. Nylon Quilt is made into rolls of desired length. Grommets or finished ends and Velcro are customized features. Standard color is gray with other colors available.

Nylon Quilt products have an STC rating range of 24 to 29, a Class A Flame Test rating (ASTM E84) and UV tested using ASTM G154 standards. Nylon Quilt is cleanable and tolerant to humidity and chemical environments.


Product Codes: 

IFB-VMV - UV Vinyl both sides with Mass Load Vinyl in between

IFB-VMS - UV Vinyl with Mass load Vinyl

IFB-VR - UV Vinyl with Mass load Vinyl Reinforced