Since 1963,  Insul-Quilts “Studio Quilt” has been Hollywood’s standard sound control blanket installed in all major filming and recording studios.

Our Studio Quilts cover millions of square feet on studio walls and ceilings worldwide. The Studio Quilt acoustic blanket provides timeless performance and is quality made in the USA with up to 60% recycled materials.

Additionally, Insul-Quilts provides another high-performance soundproofing acoustic blankets, including Sound Blocking Blankets, Plenum Barrier Blankets, and Acoustic Baffle Blankets.

What quality soundproofing product can we provide for your Studio, Recording Room, Multipurpose Space, Plenum Wall, Outdoor Construction Site or Noisy Equipment? Take a One Minute Tour to see how we can help you.

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Our Products

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Quilted Studio Blanket

Insul-Quilt is a great solution for absorbing sound reflection and reverberant noise in a Studio, building or open room. Our blanket features 90% sound absorption, an R Value = 9, a 50% recyclable content, is certified VOC compliant and reflects 97% of radiant heat. 


Quilted Plenum Blanket

Insul-Quilt Plenum blanket is a great cost and time reducing solution to building full height non-rated walls, especially where mechanical ducts or other obstructions exist.   The blanket is simple to cut, attach and install. Mitigates sound transmission to adjacent offices or rooms.