Studio Quilt

Our Studio Quilt acoustical quilt is the perfect solution to sound absorption and vibration reduction problems. With and NRC rating ranging from .90 to 1.05 (depending on the backing it is sewn with) our Studio Quilts assure that all sound is absorbed as efficiently as possible. Standard colors are black and white. Custom colors can be also be sewn to a clients needs (prices may vary). 

Studio Quilt is Ideal for:

  • Recording/Production Studios
  • Noisy conference rooms
  • Movie Theaters
  • Mechanical rooms and enclosures
  • Gyms, training centers or other high ceiling areas

Product Information

  • Size: 4' wide up to 36' in length
  • Weight: .44lbs/sq foot. 

Standards Tests and Approvals

  • ASTM C423-09a: NRC .90 - 1.05
  • ASTM E-90-09

Fire Testing per ASTM E-84

  • Flame Spread: 0
  • Smoke Density: 0

IQF-F - Quilt with Foil