What is Insul-Quilt?


Since 1959, Insul-Quilt, Inc. has been the industry leader in noise control and reduction. The second generation family owned business combines hard work and commitment with a manufacturing process that meets customer demand in quality, service and volumes. Insul-Quilt manufactures a variety of quilted and panel products for both interior and exterior applications.


Over the past 50 years Insul-Quilt has gained a reputation among builders and architects for providing maximum environmental noise control and reduction products for sound stages and production studios. The interior quilt product uses have expanded to included casinos, hospitals, schools, office buildings, hotels and in other noise control applications. A large customer base of major companies has proven our quilt product out performs even the most acclaimed sound control products. Exterior quilt product uses include construction sites, freeways, and other noise ordinance applications.

Insul-Quilt products have received a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 1.05 by independent testing. Insul-Quilts products are manufactured in the USA and contain up to 80% recycled materials. Standard quilts are made with three inches of special fiberglass fill wrapped in woven fiberglass cloth and sewn sides.


Insul-Quilt products are category tested at third party labs for NRC, STC, flame spread, smoke density and UV performance.  Our products have versatile noise control and insulating qualities safe for any application. Insul-Quilt are approved by the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety as an interior Plenum finish material.