Quilted Sound Blocker Blankets

The Quilted Sound Blocker Blankets are used to stop unwanted directional sound and to control sound reflection at construction sites, loud machinery operations, or man made generated noises. The blankets are manufactured using high- quality materials resilient to the sun, chemicals, and dirty environments. The Quilted Sound Blocker Blankets have high tensile and tear strength, easy to install and made to desired lengths.

Quilted Sound Blocker Blanket products have an STC 21-29 rating range, (blocks between 21 to 29 decibels). The stock color is gray with custom colors available. Sewn sides/ends on blankets and mounting grommets are standard.


Product Specification Sheet

  • IQ-21   Quilted Sound Blocker Blanket (STC 21)

  • IQ-27  Quilted Sound Blocker Blanket 3/4 lb PSF Mass Loaded Vinyl

    (STC 27)

  • IQ-29  Quilted Sound Blocker Blanket 1 lb PSF  Mass Loaded Vinyl

    (STC 29)