Sound Absorbing Quilt

Exterior/Interior Sound Absorbing quilts are ideal in controlling sound where the quilt needs to be cleaned, in a harsh environment or exposed to outdoor applications. The Quilt is made using UV coated fiberglass or nylon fire retardant cloth covering several inches of special fiberglass insulation. Quilts come in 4 foot wide panels or rolled lengths up to 40 feet with sewn sides and ends. Grommets / Magnets are customized features. Standard color are gray, white and tan. 

Exterior quilts have an NRC rating of .70, rated as a Class A Flame Test (ASTM E84) product and UV tested using ASTM G154 procedure. Exterior Quilt is cleanable and tolerant to sun, humidity and chemical environments.

Product Codes:  

IFB-VV - UV Vinyl on both sides