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Insul-Quilt Studio Quilt Finished Installation


Recording/Production Studios

Noisy Conference Rooms

Movie Theaters

Mechanical / Equipment Operating Areas

Gymnasiums, Training Centers or High Ceiling Facilities


Studio Quilt is the perfect solution for noise absorption and vibration reduction. Studio Quilt has an NRC rating range from .90 to 1.05 depending on the quilt backing. Studio Quilt assures all noise is absorbed efficiently. Studio Quilt colors are black and white with white paintable in any color using latex paints and available in lengths up to 36 feet. Grommets and sewn ends are customized features. Studio Quilt is Class A Flame Test (ASTM E84) rated.


Product Codes:

IQF-F - Quilt with Foil




What is Insul-Quilt?


Since 1959, Insul-Quilts, Inc. has been the industry leader in sound reduction with interior and exterior quilted products. The third generation family business combines hard work and commitment with a manufacturing process that meets customer demand in quality, service and volumes. 

Insul-Quilts interior “Studio Quilt” has been the interior product of choice by major film studios, builders and architects over the past 55 years. Studio Quilts are also utilized by music venues, casinos, schools, office buildings, hotels and in other sound reduction applications. Studio Quilt has received a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 1.05 by independent testing. Studio Quilts are approved by the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety as an interior Plenum finish material.

Insul-Quilts interior/exterior, “Noise Barrier and Sound Absorbing” quilts have an STC range rating from 21 to 32 and are utilized at Construction Sites, Schools/Universities, Shopping Malls, Industrial & MFG buildings etc.

All Insul-Quilts products are manufactured in the USA and contain up to 60% recycled materials. Our products have versatile sound reduction and insulating qualities and safe for most applications. 

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Plenum Barrier Quilt

Plenum Quilt is a more cost effective solution to building full height non-rated walls, especially where mechanical ducts or other obstructions exist. The Plenum Quilt is simple to install and mitigates sound transmission to adjacent offices or rooms.  The Plenum Quilt can easily be cut to size at job sites and installed with simple instructions. Plenum Quilt is Class A Flame Test (ASTM E84) rated.


Product Codes: 

IQF-F - Quilt with Foil

Insul-quilts plenum barrier installation demonstration
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Baffle Quilt

Baffle Quilt works extremely well where localized noise disrupts productivity or comfort in an industrial or commercial setting. Baffle Quilt is generally used in sites with higher ceilings, larger open areas or around operating machinery.  Baffle Quilt may be hung independently or in groups and also can be placed in staggered formation to create a cloud. Grommets and sewn ends are customized features with standard colors being white and black. Baffle Quilt is Class A Flame Test (ASTM E84) rated.


Product Codes:

 IQF-F - Quilt with Foil

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Exterior/Interior sound absorbing quilts are ideal in controlling sound where the quilt needs to be cleaned, in a harsh environment or exposed to outdoor applications. The Quilt is made using UV coated fiberglass or nylon fire retardant cloth covering several inches of special fiberglass insulation. Quilts come in 4 foot wide panels or rolled lengths up to 40 feet with sewn sides and ends. Grommets / Magnets are customized features. Standard color are gray, white and tan. 

Exterior quilts have an NRC rating of .70, rated as a Class A Flame Test (ASTM E84) product and UV tested using ASTM G154 procedure. Exterior Quilt is cleanable and tolerant to sun, humidity and chemical environments.





Noise Absorbing Quilts for noise isolation - pictured exterior

Product Codes:

IFB-VS - UV Vinyl with Scrim

IFB-VV - UV Vinyl double sided



Noise Barrier Quilts are used to stop and control transfer sound from a sound source or site. Primarily used at construction sites, industrial plants and outdoor entertainment venues. The Quilt is made using UV coated fiberglass or nylon fire retardant cloth sewn into several inches of special fiberglass insulation and attached to Mass Loaded Vinyl sheets. These sound barrier quilts have high tensile and tear strength, sun ready, and easy to install or clean. Sewn sides and ends are standard with grommets as a custom feature. Standard colors are gray, white and tan.


Noise Barrier Quilts have an STC rating range of 24-29, a Class A Flame test rating (ASTM E84) and UV tested ASTM G154 standards. Quilts are cleanable with mild cleaners, tolerant to humidity and chemical exposure.



Insulquilts Nylon Noise Barrier Quilt on Outdoor Wall

Product Codes:

 IFB VMV 1lb  - Quilted Fiberglass and MLV 1 lb Noise Barrier

 IFB-VMV 1/2 lb -  Quilted Fiberglass and MLV 1/2 lb Noise Barrier

IFB-VR - Quilted Fiberglass Noise Barrier Nylon with Reinforced 1 lb MLV


Decorative Guilford of Maine Fabric Quilt

Fabric Quilt is the perfect solution for noise absorption and vibration reduction in a woven fabric cover. Fabric Quilt has an NRC rating of 1.05. Fabric Quilt assures all noise is absorbed efficiently while displaying a woven fabric finish in a variety of colors options.  Fabric Quilt is available with sewn ends and grommets as customized features in lengths up to 36 feet. Fabric Quilt is Class A Flame Test (ASTM E84) rated. 

Product Codes: 

IQF-G - Décor Fabric with Scrim