Radiant Barriers are used to Stop 97% of the sun’s heat radiating from roof and wall surfaces. Our Radiant Barriers are superior, consisting of high-quality reflective aluminum laminated to both sides of a strong industrial grade fiber liner board.

Insul-Quilts Inc. manufactures Radiant Barrier products for Residential Construction, RBGB & RBF-R, and Commercial uses, RBF. These Radiant Barrier products have been the industry standard for more than 40 years.

Radiant Barriers are used as a radiant insulation, a wall or ceiling facing or a vapor barrier and are Class-A Fire Rated. They are available in widths of 17”, 25.5” or 48.5” and other custom sizes.

Insul-Quilts Inc. Radiant Barrier products are California Certified and Registered with the Bureau of Household goods and Thermal Insulation. The “Radiant Barrier” name can be used only on the most superior quality rated and tested aluminum faced products.

At Insul-Quilts Inc., we pride ourselves in not only providing US made products but a quality superior to none.

Radiant Barrier